Navigating the future: the role of battery energy storage in sustainable maritime operations 

How battery energy storage systems is supporting energy management for ports and harbours

About this Guide

In a time when environmental responsibility is critical, the maritime industry stands at a pivotal crossroads. 

Reducing maritime emissions is now an urgent priority for the sector as it faces increasing pressure to reduce its environmental footprint. Coupled with this is the energy transition which will increasingly have a significant impact on ports and the role of port authorities.

Embracing solutions to these issues is not just a matter of compliance; it’s a strategic move towards futureproofing port and harbour infrastructure. 

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Why choose BESS?

By adopting sustainable energy solutions within the maritime industry we can meet net zero and decarbonisation goals which will require a reevaluation of energy practices. 

Overcoming grid constraints

By introducing battery storage now, sites can ensure that their energy supply is more reliable, resilient, sustainable and built for the future.

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Peak shaving and demand response

BESS offers a dynamic solution to mitigate peak energy demand spikes and smooth out fluctuations. 

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Optimise solar and wind generation

By storing renewable energy for later use, ports can maximise self-consumption, gaining greater energy independence and efficiency. 

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Supporting ship to shore

BESS stands as a linchpin in the evolution of ship-to-shore operations, offering adaptability, reliability, and sustainability.

Our Company

Connected Energy is a world leader in battery energy storage.  Our technology is being used by businesses across the UK and Europe to store electricity – either from renewable generation such as PV and wind or from the grid – to use it when they need it most. Our product helps customers take control of the energy available to them, make the most of solar or wind generation, optimise a site’s energy use by managing demand and overcoming capacity constraints.  

We're only one of a few companies worldwide to have the proven technology to reuse end-of-life electric vehicle batteries and bring them back to life as energy storage. In doing so, we have created a solution that brings carbon reduction benefits from the outset.

As the world strives towards a low carbon future, our systems are the true bridge to a clean energy future. By maximising EV batteries as an energy store, we are doing things differently to make a huge, positive impact on the planet. 

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Recent calculations show that organisations participating in the DFS market can generate up to £15,000 per annum with just one of our 300kW systems.

Connected Energy

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