Battery energy storage to support the buildings of the future 

How battery energy storage can help deliver smarter energy solutions for the decarbonisation of buildings – helping to meet net zero goals...

About this Guide

In this e-guide, we explore some of the benefits of battery energy storage in the decarbonisation of buildings.

Our battery energy storage systems can help organisations achieve their decarbonisation goals for buildings and support the introduction of energy-intensive equipment. Measures such as solar panels, heat pumps and EV charging will all positively impact an organisation’s Scope 1 or 2 emissions but come with their own set of challenges. This is where battery energy storage can help, The benefits include: 

  • Overcome power constraints associated with installing energy-intensive equipment such as heat pumps.

  • Manage and optimise peaks in power demand caused by electric vehicle charging.

  • Maximise solar generation on-site by storing surplus energy generated by solar PV to use when it's needed.

  • Generate revenue by participating in grid balancing services.

Why choose BESS?

In this guide, we explore the role of battery energy storage in driving the decarbonisation of buildings, with a focus on supporting energy managers to adopt and implement this new technology.

Maximising renewables

Capturing excess solar during off-peak times and releasing it when required.

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Supporting electrification

Of heat and vehicles: managing peak loads and decarbonising energy used.

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Part of a microgrid

Forming part of an overall building energy management system. 

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Load Management

Support load management by programming to respond to loads on site. 

Who is Connected Energy?

The energy world is changing. We’re here to power the charge ahead.

We’re world leaders in battery energy storage systems. Connected Energy has been delivering battery energy storage systems for over ten years driven by a desire to help businesses overcome the challenges associated with moving towards low-carbon energy systems.

Battery energy storage systems can be used to store and provide power as and when it is needed. This helps to balance the grid on a local level, maximising energy generated from renewable sources as well as providing a level of resilience with backup power.

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