How battery energy storage can support EV charging demands 

Our latest guide outlines the benefits and opportunities that BESS can bring to EV charging locations...

About this Guide

In a time when the UK energy demands are rising, EV charging requirements are placing more pressure on local grids.

Battery energy storage systems use batteries to store and provide power as and when it is needed. Importantly, for EV charging infrastructure, BESS can deliver the additional energy needed to manage peak demand or avoid the need for expensive local infrastructure upgrades. The benefits include:

  • Overcome power constraints where a site does not have the power that chargers require.

  • Defer infrastructure upgrades and provide a load management solution.

  • Decarbonise EV charging by integrating renewable generation.

  • Reduce costs by maximising on-site renewables or charging using off-peak tariffs.

Why choose BESS?

In this guide, we explore the role of battery energy storage in driving the decarbonisation of buildings, with a focus on supporting energy managers to adopt and implement this new technology.

Maximising renewables

Capturing excess solar during off-peak times and releasing it when required.

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Supporting electrification

Of heat and vehicles: managing peak loads and decarbonising energy used.

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Part of a microgrid

Forming part of an overall building energy management system. 

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Load Management

Support load management by programming to respond to loads on site. 

Who is Connected Energy?

The energy world is changing. We’re here to power the charge ahead.

We’re world-leaders in battery energy storage systems. By repurposing used electric vehicle battery packs, we create an energy storage system to help businesses manage their power more effectively. We work closely with EV charging companies and local authorities to provide additional support for EV charging infrastructure. Find out more about our work with the EV charging sector.

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