Battery Energy Storage: A versatile tool for building decarbonisation

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About this Guide

In a time marked by a growing urgency to meet net zero targets, the role of energy managers has never been more important. Standing at the forefront of an organisation’s sustainability efforts, this role is required to navigate the need to align increasing energy consumption with carbon reductions and energy efficiency.

Battery energy storage is a tool that can transform decarbonisation for energy managers, thanks to its unique attributes and variety of applications. The technological solution is capable of enhancing carbon savings, reducing emissions as well as addressing peak demand challenges caused by electrification.

As we navigate towards net zero, this white paper sets out to offer insights, strategies and case studies to showcase the role that battery energy storage can play in the journey to a greener, more sustainable future.

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Why choose BESS?

In this guide, we explore the role of battery energy storage in driving the decarbonisation of buildings, with a focus on supporting energy managers to adopt and implement this new technology.

Maximising renewables

Capturing excess solar during off-peak times and releasing it when required.

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Supporting electrification

Of heat and vehicles: managing peak loads and decarbonising energy used.

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Part of a microgrid

Forming part of an overall building energy management system. 

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Load Management

Support load management by programming to respond to loads on site. 

Our Company

Connected Energy is a world leader in battery energy storage.  Our technology is being used by businesses across the UK and Europe to store electricity – either from renewable generation such as PV and wind or from the grid – to use it when they need it most. Our product helps customers take control of the energy available to them, make the most of solar or wind generation, optimise a site’s energy use by managing demand and overcoming capacity constraints.  

We're only one of a few companies worldwide to have the proven technology to reuse end-of-life electric vehicle batteries and bring them back to life as energy storage. In doing so, we have created a solution that brings carbon reduction benefits from the outset.

As the world strives towards a low carbon future, our systems are the true bridge to a clean energy future. By maximising EV batteries as an energy store, we are doing things differently to make a huge, positive impact on the planet. 

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"This is the start of completely reimagining how we balance our energy onsite. We will be using the battery storage in a number of different ways to help us smooth out the energy interactions between the solar farm, air source heat pump, gas CHP and the import of energy.”

Gareth Ellis, Energy and Environment Manager, Cranfield University

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